Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Managers,
I believe that it would be a bad idea and financially irresponsible for us to accquire Cadbury. Kraft is hurting from the recessions and operations on several products have been cut back. Although Cadbury is a world famous brand, the operational costs are too great for Kraft to handle at this time. With the long time span it takes to ferment and grow chcocolate, it would be unrealstic for Kraft to take on a further $2-$3 million dollar, especially since operational costs have been cut by $5million dollars in the past year. The cost to the company will outweigh the benefits of the new brand. So from an operational standpoint, chocolatiering is too time intensive, elaborate and expensive at tthis point for Kraft to accquire all those overhead costs from Cadbury. I strongly reccomend against it.
Sambaran Chatterjee
VP of Operations

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